Monday, May 2, 2011

New Shop!

Hello everyone :D

Today I was looking at the stores in the starplaza, and I saw a some new furniture in the shop 'Evening Falls'. The new furniture is called 'Steampunk'.

Here are pictures of the new shop:

(Click to enlarge)

Do you like them?
Have you bought any?
Do you want to buy them?

Answer in the comments below.

- Indy ♥

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Stardoll sidebar!

Hello everyone :D

Have you heard of the Stardoll sidebar?
Well, yesterday I downloaded it and it is really useful.

Especially as you have just come onto your computer.
You can look at the sidebar and click the door with the arrow and it will show a small sign up bit. Just type in your username & info, and it will show up.

Here is a picture of what it is like:

(click to enlarge)

If you want to download the sidebar, or want to see information about it click HERE.

- Indy ♥


Hello,Well,it's finally May a.k.a Summer..!
Are you excited..? I am sure am anyway.
Summer Holidays,Finally away from school,Stay up late,late,late nights..
The Sun is coming,so get your sun screen out,and get ready to have fun.
I'm trying to think of ideas I could do this summer..
Comment please x

Smile with your heart(: ♥

I'm back too!

Hey guys [:

I'm back aswell. I'm very sorry I haven't been very active recently, so I hope this time I'll be more active && less boring xD also do you like the new banner? [:

Okay, so first.. have you seen the glitch whenever you make a scenery sometimes there is something that is out of place. But how?

It just totally annoys me! This took me ages to do and what happens? The glitch happens. It is really annoying and I'm sure loads of people have written to Stardoll about it.

Does this happen to you?
What do you normally do when it happens?
Have you written to Stardoll about it?

Comment below.

~ Indy ♥