Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aledale Academy.

Hello again(:

Okay, so today I was just doing my usual roleplaying in Aledale.Academy and I was thinking `Hm,should I do a blog post on this?` so I did.

Lets start with what it`s about: Aledale.Academy is a roleplay club based in a prestigious boarding school in California.

This club has nearly 10,000 members, and is always active. Here is a picture of the latest discussions:

They are big numbers! :D

You should definitely join this club (:

Now lets move on to the proud owner of Aledale, Jessica { kittyrocks101 }.
Jessica is a very pretty, kind and funny girl(:

On her presentation she said that Aledale is like her second family! :3

Here is a picture of her:

What a beautiful doll (:

So remember guys, please join Aledale Academy and visit kittyrocks101.

Thanks, bye!(:

--Brightshine27 { Indy }

Saturday, July 30, 2011

I'm Back :)

Remember me? I`m Indy,also known as Brightshine27,and...


Yeah,I was gone for ages because I was on holidays,school stuff and other shizz.
But now it`s the summer holidays,I`m going to be really active and post every week!

I should go now,and keep my hyperness till next time..

- Brightshine27

P.S; Like the new banner? I`m going to make a new one every season(:

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Styles

Okay,I`ve been thinking of starting to do some sections about fashion. Like,styles for different months seasons,I think thats a thing I`ll be doing now,a long with some other things to do with fashion and make-up.
  These are six simple Summer styles,that in my case,I would wear,thats if I actually had the clothes in real life. .

I hope you like these that I`ve picked out.

New Killah Store

Hey guys. So I have been browsing through starplaza,when I stopped to a halt at the new Killah Store. In my opinion it`s a bit better than the previous one,although I was a big fan of that. This time it`s  a lot more colorful than last time,the theme in my opinion is summery and fun(:
 But have you noticed that if you go to the actual store,everything there is 123SD,although,if you look in the window of Starplaza it has normal prices,take a look at this;

Maybe it`s some sort of glitch.
But I`m sure it will be fixed soon enough.

Spotlight Showrooms

I was having a look at some of the fantastic,colorful,talented showrooms we have on Stardoll. I really got pulled into them,The way you look at someone`s suite and back at yours. Then you`re just like `Woah..!`
        I really find that interesting. The way,you can just be looking through a ton of suites,their rooms,the medoll. Then one special room just strikes out at you,it`s really awesome if you think about it. 
         Check out these ones.

Aren`t they just so colorful,elegant and truly amazing..?
What are your opinions about it?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Alice + Olivia tribute

I`ve just seen it now,well,I have to say it is certainly unique.
Not my utter favorite,it just doesn`t jump out at me..
But that`s juct MY opinion,not yours(:
                                   I have to give it 3/5.