I recently decided we are going to do competitions to win gifts. Our first decision was to have a "Magical Medoll of the Week" comp, where we visit a couple of our follower's suites, and, our decided favorite one will be featured on the blog's sidebar. 

How to do it?

•Must be a follower of Stardoll Sister
• Sign your user name down below this post, and say you are running for the comp, SSW

And, to claim your prize, email within the week your suite is featured, and choose from one of the following prizes:

More items will be added soon! If you have another item in mind, please mention what store its from (has to be in suite shop) and list the exact name of the item. It must be between 1-5 stardollars, and, some items aren't available to buy for gifts, so please do understand!

Even more comps will be listed soon!