About Us

I, Sophchick99 decided to create this blog as a community, like all others to show my creativity :)

This blog is a work in progress, but, it does help to work together with people you didn't think you'd think you would like. I'd also like to contribute this blog to all my dear readers so I can communicate in a different way.

I'd also like to thank all awesome blogs, that I got inspired me to create this blog. We are a great team, and would love to contribute our love to you.Also please apply to be writer


Sophie; A sweet,friendly girl,i will help you with anything,An awesome friend that will help you till the end

Louise; A kind,loyal girl that is glad to help out with anything,

Indy; An amazing writer and sweet girl. She loves to help people out and has amazing writing skills.

New to the blog,but is a nice girl to her surroundings.

More staff coming soon. Click here to fill out an application.