Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sophchick99's Show

Hey Gurlz and Guyz
Ive finally decided to add something different to Stardoll Sister
Its called Sophchick99's Show
I'll be talking to you about everything and anything that has to do with Stardoll
This is a Daily Show So keep checking
Todays Topic is:
Everbody welcome to the Show
I will have a magazine to go with this show so i need MODELS,CELEBRITIES(Fake),PHOTOGRAPHER AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER
If you want either of these jobs fill out this form:
SD Name:
So'me of your work: (photographers stardoll pics,graphic designers some of your designs,models have u ever worked at an agency before if so what was it called and celebrities why should u be a celebrity)
And thats all if you wanna send a friend request to me saying EXACTLY: Hi im here for the Sophchick99 Show.
Then i will accept so you can send me your form through message

Friday, October 15, 2010

New Hotbuys Items !

There are new Hotbuys Items from the Starplaza ! (;

Hotbuys Puff Dress ! 14/10/10

The cutest Puff dress ! , Anyways. To buy this item from starplaza , Click here. The real version and stardoll version dress is the just the same o.o , Cool :DD , Lovely (:
Hotbuys Wool Dress ! 16/10/10.
Same price as the dress but , It's a different dress.. (; Anyways , Click here to buy it. I kinda like the other dresses too.. Hahaha , Anyways. Enjoy ! (:

-DemiRockz56. Buh-Byee ;D

I'm a Fashion Writer.. (Just Read)

Hey Guys ! It's DemiRockz56 & you know that I was the CoverGirl , Album , Best Scenery etc... But , When I logged in to , I received a message from Sophchick99 (The owner of Stardoll Sister).
This is what she said .. Click to Enlarge it (: !
So , Anyways , I'm really happy that I'm a fashion writer , A fashion writer writes what's new , hot and best for fashion !

Stay Tune !
Buh - Byee (:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

My new banner for stardoll sister !

Hey Guys , Just wanted to tell you that I made a new banner for myself and so , it was successful loading ! And , Here it is ! Whenever I make new posts for the Winners of cg , hottest design etc... I'll be putting my new banner at the top so people can know who we are !!

Anyways ! Have a great life out there ! ;DD

October : Winners on Stardoll

Today's Winners for CoverGirl , Hottest Design , CatWalk , Hottest Album & Best Scenery.

CoverGirl is gossipgirl2098

Hottest's Design is Roksel (Click here to buy her amazing designs!)

CatWalk is Madeleine789

Best Scenery is Missermengarda (click here to see her Scenery)

Hottest Album is Malou__ (Click here to see her Album)

Congratz to them all for the hard work they did ! Click their names to visit their suite !

Click the picture to enlarge it.

Thanks all for reading ! (:

Friday, October 8, 2010

stardoll low down

so far i can only find a few spoilers, my computer has a big problem, so i won't be making more spoilers for a while! sorry :( but i'll be back online and typing probaly by the middle of october :)

here are some i found yesterday ♥ =)

for some reason this pic won't load so i put it into a link.

click here to see it

the kixx picture is not from stardoll, and i think the tee and the guitar are free. and maybe the red clothes are for star-design? the pixie must be for play and earn & i think the stand is for the hidden opera :) i don't know!

there are quite a few spoilers!

here are some stardoll tv spoilers, that will be released in the starplaza near the middle of october ^_^ ♥

i know this part isn't my job but i would just like to point out this message i got from the stardoll admins. it's part of the 'play and earn' game. i think it came to everyone on stardoll but for some reason it didn't come to my cousin cotton-candy36! weird right? comment below if you got the message.

a lot of spoilers today! well bye =P

Lena♥ Belena321 ☼

Spooky Halloween Look!

Hey guys,
It's Anna :]
When I was out shopping in the starplaza, I was looking for a Halloween outfit to wear to go trick-or-treating. Then I had a look at Fallen Angel, Rio, Tingeling, Archive and Voile and I mixed the outfits and makeup up together and this is what I came up with:

Do you think it looks scary enough? Write in the comments below. And by the way, I'm really sorry about the quality!!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New writer and poll

Hey sisters, i am the new writer for Stardoll Sister my stardoll name is 10natasha10 i am so happy that Sophie chose me! i want to know what you the readers want to see here on SDS so i made a poll so vote for you favorite!

Do & Don't: Get one item and make a do outfit and a don't outfit
Weekly Comp: Ever week have a small comp
Shocked or Stunned: Take a random follower and look at there style have a vote is she/he stunning or shocking (whit her/his permission)
Tip of the Week: Give a tip ever week on suite,scenery,medoll.... 

Other: Tell me in comments


Heyy guyz
I really need visitors and more GB comments
Also read my presentation there is a new store coming out called Superb Star Fashion
Hope u will like it
Also i have a RP club for all u roleplayers its called MANHATTEN.HIGH plz join
Thanks bye

Please Comment

Heyy Guyz
Ive realised that this blog has no comments
Plz start commenting,I will be even hosting the most active medollof the week the winner will get 5SD
So plz start commenting

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Guess Who's Back?!

Hi Fashion Friends!

Guess who is back?
Me of course! XD

Anyways, I'm making a comeback so large, its all hard to fit in so little time!

As some of you might know, I own a blog,

where you can win very easily stardollars, and gifts!

Follow today!

Another thing is that I was once the owner of this blog, and now I handed it down to SophChick99, and she is doing a fabulous job keeping this blog intact!

I guess I am basically the blog's graphic designer :D
I will make some for this blog, and if you'd like one too, just ask, and I'd be happy to do!

I will update soon enough :D


New Banner

Heyy Guyz
I hope you like the blogs new banner
My friend LoveGossip4Life made it
So i wanna give her credit plz visit her and buy her kool designs

Friday, October 1, 2010

Free Angel

1) Go to this proxy:
2) Type in
3) Log into stardoll
4) Now type in this link: in the url
5) Log out and go to the normal stardoll

xoxoxo lovepinkstars