Friday, October 8, 2010

stardoll low down

so far i can only find a few spoilers, my computer has a big problem, so i won't be making more spoilers for a while! sorry :( but i'll be back online and typing probaly by the middle of october :)

here are some i found yesterday ♥ =)

for some reason this pic won't load so i put it into a link.

click here to see it

the kixx picture is not from stardoll, and i think the tee and the guitar are free. and maybe the red clothes are for star-design? the pixie must be for play and earn & i think the stand is for the hidden opera :) i don't know!

there are quite a few spoilers!

here are some stardoll tv spoilers, that will be released in the starplaza near the middle of october ^_^ ♥

i know this part isn't my job but i would just like to point out this message i got from the stardoll admins. it's part of the 'play and earn' game. i think it came to everyone on stardoll but for some reason it didn't come to my cousin cotton-candy36! weird right? comment below if you got the message.

a lot of spoilers today! well bye =P

Lena♥ Belena321 ☼

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