Sunday, July 31, 2011

Aledale Academy.

Hello again(:

Okay, so today I was just doing my usual roleplaying in Aledale.Academy and I was thinking `Hm,should I do a blog post on this?` so I did.

Lets start with what it`s about: Aledale.Academy is a roleplay club based in a prestigious boarding school in California.

This club has nearly 10,000 members, and is always active. Here is a picture of the latest discussions:

They are big numbers! :D

You should definitely join this club (:

Now lets move on to the proud owner of Aledale, Jessica { kittyrocks101 }.
Jessica is a very pretty, kind and funny girl(:

On her presentation she said that Aledale is like her second family! :3

Here is a picture of her:

What a beautiful doll (:

So remember guys, please join Aledale Academy and visit kittyrocks101.

Thanks, bye!(:

--Brightshine27 { Indy }


  1. She may seem nice...But she`s a total bitch.

  2. She isn't a mean person. She`s just a bit stuck-up, and I don't blame her. Her club is really popular.